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“Roll it out” Daily and weekly planner - DND themed

“Roll it out” Daily and weekly planner - DND themed

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Ever have a hard time with executive function? Roll them away with this organized with these dot grid daily and weekly organizers with room for your appointments and non-negotiable.  
You get 2 sheets A4 sized (more sizes coming)
* Undated
* Monday + Sunday week start
❗ This is a digital item, no physical copy will be sent to you ❗
These sheets are what I personally use when I am struggling with my own brain clutter and chronic illness.
Weekly: Focus, appointments/ meetings, affirmation, notes, and a “Roll it out” D20 list with 7 day calendar. 

Daily:  a Vibe check and pain check (mood circle 1 or 3 of them your life live it), appointments, non-negotiable, brain dump, and a “Roll it out” D20 brain dump to a 3-5 manageable to do list

You will get 2 PDFs with your purchase. You can find your email after placing an order.

You can convert PDF file to PNGs on your own with any online converter (like and then  assemble your own PDF from separate images with printing app (I tend to use PhotoScape) or online.

But How do I “Roll it out” Citrus?:

  • Sometimes executive functioning is hard for everyone neurodivergent or not. So grab your favorite D20 or appropriate dice for the length of your list and just brains dump everything you need or think you might need to do. 
  • If its time sensitive put it where it needs to be and remember its non-negotiable! 
    • These things can take top priorities! and look you Identified them! 
  • Next Roll that die!
    • Roll 3-5 numbers and do those tasks for the day! Take a deep breath. The rest of those things can wait.

3-5 tasks depending on their size is typically all someone can reasonably get through in a day without burning out -BUUUT I’ve left room incase you get more done  and want to add or need to add some other things throughout the day there is space. 

** Printing **

Printing planner pages on your own can be challenging, especially if you're new to this. Plan your pages and their order prior printing as not all my printables contain ready-to-print booklets but various PDFs/PNG files instead which you have to select desired pages from. Printing page by page in such case is the easiest option. Feel free to contact me if having any problems! 

The PDF pages are A5 size, print 2 pages on A4 sheets.

* Print PDF files using “Multiple” (2) and print 2 pages per one A4 sheet. Then simply cut or fold in half.

* If you don’t need all the pages from PDF to be printed choose which pages you’ll want to print in printer dialog box or browse separate PNG pages.

* You can print A5 size pages on bigger sheets with "Fit to Page" option although a slight quality loss can occur.

* Experiment with sizes to suit your planner needs - in general Letter sized pages are wider and shorter while A5/A4 pages are narrower and longer.

* Most of my planner pages include files with week starting Monday or Sunday so please check it before downloading/printing.

** Disclaimer **

This listing is for a DIGITAL version of the planner - you'll have to download a PDF file in order to print it at home or a print shop, no physical copy will be sent to you. No watermarks will be in your purchased files.

If you'll have any problems/questions downloading or printing the file - please please please CONTACT ME, I'll be glad to help and also improve my digital printables and service! :) 

* For personal use only. No redistribution for free or reselling. Thanks for your support and understanding🌻


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