Meet the maker

Hi! I’m Rosalie (Citrus), and I’m the one and only person behind Citrus Sloth! All the products you see here are made 100% by me from start to finish with a little bit of ‘help’ from my bird Lola. I am currently working on making my own custom font used for my dice and new shapes so stay tuned!
For now though I have to give a shout out to Druid dice or the 3D masters from Dice Lich. However, everything else down to the silicone molds and of course the final products, are all my own efforts. I have really put my whole heart into every piece! Dice or not!
I am not a full time maker but it is what brings balance into my life! When I am not looking under a microscope and taking care of my research plants I am usually at my local craft center where I first got the casting bug in lost wax casting, followed by glass casting and eventually resin casting. I love tabletop gaming and creativity with a  nature twist and science so when they can all harmonize together it brings me so much joy. Seeing others using my products over the last years in all different settings has been amazing.
I am so happy to be able to not only bring my art and products to a broader audience but hope that they can spread a little bit of joy be it through rolling of some math rocks, a stray rainbow, or a picture on the wall.