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Roller Skate Prism sun catcher

Roller Skate Prism sun catcher

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Show your roller pride! 
Save birds from window collisions with these Prism sun catchers. Any shape break up reflections on the glass and warn birds away in time to avoid window strikes (either from outside or inside domestic).

The decals stick to the window purely with static cling, not adhesives, so they are movable, reusable and never fade!
Prism catchers  are made with a translucent prismatic vinyl which captures sunlight and turns it into sparkly rainbows. They are stunning, constantly changing, and perhaps a teeny bit magical. Any bright light source makes the gems glow with rainbows, even moonlight.

Each come with card on application instructions: 

After washing window well, apply gems smooth side toward the glass. (Remove the back!)
Wipe window with a damp cloth first or spray with a mist of water to help them stick better.
Make sure all edges are flat against the glass.
If applying in cold weather use warm water to rinse glass first.
Wait for the right light! 


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